Klemen Strajhar

Increase development productivity with OpenAPI

It has been a while since my last post. Much has happened since and I just haven’t found the time to write new blog posts. I will try my best to change this in 2023 Intro In this post we will talk about OpenAPI and how it can be used to increase productivity. I will show how OpenAPI schemas can be used to generate API client code, so you can focus on business logic of your app.

How to write better Django code

In this post I will be sharing some tips, which can be used for better code quality. It will also help you not to shoot yourself in the foot later in the process. As many know, Django is an awesome web framework. It allows building webapps, prototypes etc. blazing fast. I have been using it for most of my projects, and I have never been disappointed. Django works great in small to medium codebases.